Here’s some FAQ’s about the Program –

Surgery can take its toll mentally and physically. To give yourself the best chance of recovery you will want to fuel your body with the right foods to reduce the chance of bloating or constipation. The right foods will also contribute to your body having the right nutrients and vitamins to promote faster healing of scars.

We provide meal plans and support for 6 weeks after you sign up. Once we receive payment you will go into our database and you will get 14 daily then 3 weekly emails and access to the other parts of our program (see below).

Daily then weekly motivational emails, detailed eating plans with recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all six weeks of the program, nutritional ideas and suggestions, delicious recipe books you can print out and follow, a day by day exercise plan to get you moving after surgery, relaxing meditations to keep you positive and focussed on your surgery and recovery, access to our Member’s Only area of the website, a checklist to know what to take to hospital for your surgery, hints to prepare for your actual surgery from those who have actually been there done that, access to our private facebook page with others who are going through the same or similar journey as you, and more!

Absolutely! Our website is mobile-friendly, and as long as you have your facebook set to mobile-friendly you’ll be all set.

Preparation!! You just need to be a little more organised and perhaps prepare or cook your lunch the night before.

Of course, your recovery process is up to you. You are ultimately responsible for choosing to follow the suggested meal plan or not. And remember, if you miss being healthy and “good” for one meal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t just pick it up again for the next meal after that. There are no hard and fast rules here. We simply give you suggestions that have been created by our nutritionist as a recommended guide to assist in your recovery.

Credit card or paypal. We have two options to make it easier for whatever suits you. If you have any other questions you can email us help@aftersurgerybacktohealth.com